第 11 屆 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽

DAY 16


fping 這個工具類似ping,一次可以Ping多個IP或是整段子網路,是個好用的工具。

  • 操作環境 ubuntu 16
  • 安裝
apt-get install fping
tar -xvf fping-4.0.tar.gz
cd fping-4.0/
make && make install
  • 操作指令
Usage: fping [options] [targets...]

Probing options:
   -4, --ipv4         only ping IPv4 addresses
   -6, --ipv6         only ping IPv6 addresses
   -b, --size=BYTES   amount of ping data to send, in bytes (default: 56)
   -B, --backoff=N    set exponential backoff factor to N (default: 1.5)
   -c, --count=N      count mode: send N pings to each target
   -f, --file=FILE    read list of targets from a file ( - means stdin)
   -g, --generate     generate target list (only if no -f specified)
                      (give start and end IP in the target list, or a CIDR address)
                      (ex. fping -g or fping -g
   -H, --ttl=N        set the IP TTL value (Time To Live hops)
   -I, --iface=IFACE  bind to a particular interface
   -l, --loop         loop mode: send pings forever
   -m, --all          use all IPs of provided hostnames (e.g. IPv4 and IPv6), use with -A
   -M, --dontfrag     set the Don't Fragment flag
   -O, --tos=N        set the type of service (tos) flag on the ICMP packets
   -p, --period=MSEC  interval between ping packets to one target (in ms)
                      (in loop and count modes, default: 1000 ms)
   -r, --retry=N      number of retries (default: 3)
   -R, --random       random packet data (to foil link data compression)
   -S, --src=IP       set source address
   -t, --timeout=MSEC individual target initial timeout (default: 500 ms,
                      except with -l/-c/-C, where it's the -p period up to 2000 ms)

Output options:
   -a, --alive        show targets that are alive
   -A, --addr         show targets by address
   -C, --vcount=N     same as -c, report results in verbose format
   -D, --timestamp    print timestamp before each output line
   -e, --elapsed      show elapsed time on return packets
   -i, --interval=MSEC  interval between sending ping packets (default: 10 ms)
   -n, --name         show targets by name (-d is equivalent)
   -N, --netdata      output compatible for netdata (-l -Q are required)
   -o, --outage       show the accumulated outage time (lost packets * packet interval)
   -q, --quiet        quiet (don't show per-target/per-ping results)
   -Q, --squiet=SECS  same as -q, but show summary every n seconds
   -s, --stats        print final stats
   -u, --unreach      show targets that are unreachable
   -v, --version      show version
   -x, --reachable=N  shows if >=N hosts are reachable or not

EX:fping -a -r 0 -g

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