第 11 屆 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽

DAY 21

利用開源資源執行安全檢測系列 第 21

[Day 21]-dotdotpwn


dotdotpwn 是 Kali linux和 Parrot Security OS 內建的工具,可以使用這個工具來檢測 path/directory traversal 弱點。

  • 操作環境 Parrot OS
  • 執行

  • Options:
Usage: ./ -m <module> -h <host> [OPTIONS]
        Available options:
        -m      Module [http | http-url | ftp | tftp | payload | stdout]
        -h      Hostname
        -O      Operating System detection for intelligent fuzzing (nmap)
        -o      Operating System type if known ("windows", "unix" or "generic")
        -s      Service version detection (banner grabber)
        -d      Depth of traversals (e.g. deepness 3 equals to ../../../; default: 6)
        -f      Specific filename (e.g. /etc/motd; default: according to OS detected, defaults in
        -E      Add @Extra_files in (e.g. web.config, httpd.conf, etc.)
        -S      Use SSL for HTTP and Payload module (not needed for http-url, use a https:// url instead)
        -u      URL with the part to be fuzzed marked as TRAVERSAL (e.g. http://foo:8080/id.php?x=TRAVERSAL&y=31337)
        -k      Text pattern to match in the response (http-url & payload modules - e.g. "root:" if trying /etc/passwd)
        -p      Filename with the payload to be sent and the part to be fuzzed marked with the TRAVERSAL keyword
        -x      Port to connect (default: HTTP=80; FTP=21; TFTP=69)
        -t      Time in milliseconds between each test (default: 300 (.3 second))
        -X      Use the Bisection Algorithm to detect the exact deepness once a vulnerability has been found
        -e      File extension appended at the end of each fuzz string (e.g. ".php", ".jpg", ".inc")
        -U      Username (default: 'anonymous')
        -P      Password (default: 'dot@dot.pwn')
        -M      HTTP Method to use when using the 'http' module [GET | POST | HEAD | COPY | MOVE] (default: GET)
        -r      Report filename (default: 'HOST_MM-DD-YYYY_HOUR-MIN.txt')
        -b      Break after the first vulnerability is found
        -q      Quiet mode (doesn't print each attempt)
        -C      Continue if no data was received from host

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