【台北內湖】資深Python後端工程師 Python Back-end Engineer (Senior) (月薪7萬~9萬)

We are looking for a Python Developer responsible for designing and developing hands-on software. You will work in a team with other software engineers to design, implement, and deploy software that meet the customer’s requirements. The code written must scale easily, be reusable, testable, and efficient.

In this position, you will focus on developing parallel computing system. Deep understanding of SQS is required. You will have to troubleshoot functionality failures on a daily basis.


• Familiar with parallel computing and message queue. (Celery, Redis, SQS, RabbitMQ, Kafka)
• Deep understanding of Python programming.
• Good understanding of common Python frameworks. (Flask, Django, Bottle, etc.)
• Strong unit test and debugging skills.
• Knowledge of ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries and how to efficiently connect an application to a database.
• Good understanding of how to use restful APIs in order to integrate an application with other components.
• Research, evaluate, and recommend tools and frameworks which will improve software development efficiency and product quality.
• Possess strong communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment.


上班時間:週一~週五,9:00~18:00 (午休時間:12:30~13:30)
職缺類型:Python後端工程師 (全職)
責任制:非上班時間需On call




  • 前三年特休 9 天,滿三年後按照政府機關規定
  • 表現優異可外派至美國子公司上班,出差補貼及住宿
  • 定期舉辦聚餐活動
  • 滿滿的零食、飲料供應
  • 年終獎金、三節獎金/禮品

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