請問各位大大 那一版的 VM 可以裝 SERVER 2008呢

請問各位大大 那一版的 VM 可以裝 SERVER 2008呢 謝謝

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就算 VMWare 5.5 照樣可以裝! 安裝時, 雖然它沒有 Windows Server 2008 的選項, 但只要選 "Windows Server 2003 Enterprise" 就好了, 一樣能成功安裝.

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您好:我試過 worksattion6.5版 可以裝, 6.0也可以,不過6.0用起來怪怪的

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建議 VMware Server 2

這支目前在網路上,有 Beta 釋出, 免費下載

VM ware Server 2.0 下載頁

New Features in VMware Server 2

* New operating system support: The broadest operating system support of any host-based virtualization platform currently available, including support for Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Business Edition and Ultimate Edition (guest only), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Ubuntu 8.04.

* 64-bit operating system support: Use 64-bit guest operating systems on 64-bit hardware to enable more scalable and higher performing computing solutions. In addition, Server 2 will run natively on 64-bit Linux host operating systems.

* VMware Infrastructure (VI) Web Access management interface: VI Web Access management interface provides a simple, flexible, secure, intuitive and productive management experience. Plus, access thousands of pre-built, pre-configured, ready-to-run enterprise applications packaged with an operating system inside a virtual machine at the Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

* Independent virtual machine console: With the new VMware Remote Console, you can access your virtual machine consoles independent of the VI Web Access management interface.

* More scalable virtual machines: Support for up to 8 GB of RAM and up to10 virtual network interface cards per virtual machine, transfer data at faster data rates from USB 2.0 devices plus add new SCSI hard disks and controllers to a running virtual machine.

* Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS): Properly backup the state of the Windows virtual machines when using the snapshot feature to maintain data integrity of the applications running inside the virtual machine.

* Support for Virtual Machine Interface (VMI): This feature enables transparent paravirtualization, in which a single binary version of the operating system can run either on native hardware or in paravirtualized mode to improve performance in specific Linux environments.

* Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI): Support for fast and efficient communication between a virtual machine and the host operating system and between two or more virtual machines on the same host.

* Support for VIX API 1.6: This feature provides a programming interface for automating virtual machine and guest operations.

Service Tech 網頁:\_hk/vmware/server.html
VMware Server 是一個免費的虛擬化軟件。公司可以把伺服器分割成多個虛擬機。此產品須要在 Windows 或 Linux 作業系統運作。

我們建議下載新版本的 VMware Server (2.0 版剛於 2008 年 10 月 29 日發佈,或之前的 1.0.8 版),因為新版本修正了其他客戶通常遇到的問題。如要使用 1.0 版,我們提議必須為 1.0.2 或之後版本。ServiceTech 測試發現新版本改良了以前在高用量環境的穩定性問題,亦解決了一些 Windows Vista 支援問題。

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內建繁體中文版 , Freeware

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  1. Hyper-V
  2. Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1
  3. VMWare 6.0以上,但如同前面網友回覆的,我也建議用6.5以上效能會比較好。