第 12 屆 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽


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Senior Flutter Developer - AMPOS Solutions

  • Integrating Flutter into existing native Android/iOS application.
  • Gradually migrate existing code base to pure Flutter application.
  • Maintaining existing native Android/iOS application.
  • Introducing Flutter guideline, best practice to mobile team.
  • Occasionally resolving issue on Spring Boot back-end

Android Developer - OurCityLove Social Enterprise

  • Develope clean, robust, and user friendly applications that gather and organize LBS information for people with physical disability.
  • Work closely with PM, designer, Dev team through effective communication.
  • Lead technical discussion, introduce new tool and technology.
  • Refactor legacy code base, reduce apk size, code complexity, and improve UI/IO performance.
  • Mentor junior developer from basic android programming to advanced architecture concept.

Android Developer - Freelancing

  • Help clients clarify application specification details.
  • Quick adaptation to changing requirements.
  • Work closely with client side iOS developer to synchronize business logic implementation detail.
  • Deliver high performance, robust application within reasonable time.
  • Provides high quality source code with informative documentation.


Mobile Developer with 6 years of experience developing high quality applications, implementing features from trivial API integration, CRUD to complex BLE communication and 3D model rendering, along with pixel perfect custom UI/Animation. Always on the cutting edge of promising new technology, tool, paradigm of software development. Enthusiast of code quality, programming architecture, best practice and robust software engineering process with Git, Unit test, CI/CD.