[Javascript]jQuery Mobile alpha版本

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前幾天在ReadWriteWeb上看到這篇文:What jQuery Mobile Means for Developers

驚訝的發現jQuery也要支援Mobile版本了嗎?這是否意味著未來我們使用jQuery Mobile,它就可以達到跨瀏覽器的效果了呢?大概看了一下它的說明:

The current alpha version of jQuery Mobile supports iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Blackberry OS6, HP's webOS, Mozilla's Fennec and Opera Mobile. In the future, other platforms will be added including Windows Mobile, Symbian, MeeGo and more.

幾乎主流的瀏覽器它都要支援,這對Mobile Web的開發者來說真的是再好不過了,當然了,跨行動裝置瀏覽器的議題不只有Javascript的問題啦,但起碼可以幫我們解決掉蠻多的問題,一方面非常期待他快點推出正式版,而來也希望正式版時它可以真的支援到所有主流的瀏覽器,以下是它提到這個jQuery Mobile的主要特色,可以參考看看:
Progressive Enhancement: jQuery Mobile is build around the principle of progressive enhancement, "taking a fully functional HTML web page, layering on additional JavaScript functionality, and giving capable browsers a top-of-the-line experience." This means a jQuery Mobile app will work in more browsers, guaranteed, even those that don't support JavaScript.
Graceful Degradation: Less capable browsers will still receive the best possible experience that their platform can handle.
Accessibility: All jQuery Mobile components are ARIA accessible. They are keyboard navigable (on a desktop computer) and can be navigated using a screen reader.
Simplicity: jQuery Mobile is completely markup-driven requiring no JavaScript configuration, making it easy to get started.
Small File Size: The JavaScript for the alpha release is only 12KB and the CSS is a mere 6KB. Very few images are used in the design of the framework (mostly icons) - instead making heavy use of CSS.
Theming: jQuery Mobile has a comprehensive theming structure built from the ground up. The final 1.0 relase will include a "Themeroller" tool.

其他的功能我就不想考究了,但是那個Small size的部分是蠻驚人的,經過最佳化後的版本,javascript才12KB,CSS才6KB而已,這也太棒了吧,享有好功能,又不用付出太多代價,讚。


連視窗切換都是用滑的,其他像是Group Button也蠻好看的: