2.[幸福銅鏡] 環境建置

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get node and npm basically

To get this version, you can use the apt package manager. Refresh your local package index by typing:

apt update

Install Node.js from the repositories:

apt install nodejs
apt install npm

Installing Using a PPA (personal package archive)

cd ~
apt install curl
curl -sL -o

Run the script

apt install nodejs
node -v
npm -v

latest version~~

Installing Using NVM

visit github page nvm and you can get command line

curl -sL -o

run the script


It will install the software into a subdirectory of your home directory at ~/.nvm. It will also add the necessary lines to your ~/.profile file to use the file.

To gain access to the nvm functionality, you'll need to either log out and log back in again or source the ~/.profile file so that your current session knows about the changes:

source ~/.profile

list nvm version

nvm ls-remote
nvm alias default 8.11.1
nvm use default

Install Git

Update Default Packages

apt update

Install Git

apt install git

Confirm Successful Installation

git --version

miaoli project install

cd /var/miaoli
npm install
npm start