第 12 屆 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽

DAY 15
Microsoft Azure

Azure Journey系列 第 15

Day 15 Identify Azure solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)
Azure IoT Central

  • Fully managed global IoT software
  • Easy to connect, monitor, and manage IoT assets at scale
  • No cloud expertise is required
    Azure IoT Hub
  • Managed service hosted in the cloud
  • Bi-directional communication between IoT application and the devices
  • Supports multiple messaging patterns

Explore big data and analytics
Azure SQL Data Warehouse

  • Limitless analytics service
  • Enterprise data warehousing + big data analytics
    Azure HDInsight
  • Fully managed, open-source analytics service for enterprises
  • Allows you to run popular open-source frameworks and create cluster types
    Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • On-demand analytics job service
  • Write queries to transform your data and extract valuable insights

Explore artificial intelligence
Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Machine Learning Service

Explore Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Services

  • Development collaboration tools
    Azure DevTest Labs

Day 14 Identify Azure solutions
Day 16 Differentiate Azure management tools
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