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DAY 16
Microsoft Azure

Azure Journey系列 第 16

Day 16 Differentiate Azure management tools

Explore Azure management tools

  • Azure portal
    • Public website that you can access with any web browser
    • Customize the portal view as need
    • Does not provide any way to automate repetitive tasks
  • Azure PowerShell
    • Requires Windows PowerShell to function
    • Provides services such as the shell window and command parsing
    • Adds the Azure-specific commands
  • Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Cross-platform command-line program
    • Executes administrative commands on Azure resources
  • Azure Cloud Shell
    • Browser-based scripting environment
    • Storage account is required
  • Azure Mobile App
    • Access, manage, and monitor all Azure accounts and resources from iOS or Android devices
  • Azure REST API
    • Service endpoints that support sets of HTTP operations

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Day 17 Differentiate Azure management tools
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