The 2019 Global Developer Survey is now open!

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As software professionals, you are the creators, builders, researchers, and problem solvers of technology, and your opinions should be the pulse of the industry. We passionately believe that everyone can contribute, so we created the Global Developer Survey as a way to help you influence the way you, your team, and your managers code, test, and deploy. By voicing your thoughts in the Developer Survey, you can shape a solution-focused approach to industry-wide challenges. We hope that, together, we can drive industry dialogue around the needs of today’s software professionals, sparking a movement to remove roadblocks and focus on helping teams thrive.

We'll examine the findings from the Developer Survey and provide a summary and analysis in the Developer Report, which will be published in May. This comprehensive report dissects cross-functional relationships and offers insights into successful practices, problem areas, and potential solutions. In our previous reports, we explored what teams need in order to do their best work. This year, we want to uncover what software professionals need in order to rapidly innovate. Whether you need more accurate estimates on planning features, a decrease in development process delays, or early detection of security vulnerabilities, we want to identify your needs.

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完成問卷後 → 留下email → 分享問卷連結到社群頁面 → 將分享連結寄到 → 就有機會參加抽獎 gitlab messenger bag or ipad pro

survey date : 2019-01-23 ~ 2019-02-27