【徵才】PacSoft兆洋資訊- Python Back-end Engineer 後端工程師

We are PacSoft System Solutions (Taiwan) Co. Ltd.
Having more than 200 employees in America, Singapore, India, and Taiwan, we are currently looking for junior/senior Python Back-end Engineers to join our team!
If you're interested in this position, please don't hesitate to contact us via 104 or email!


  1. Be responsible for website development
  2. Analyze Word Text Document
  3. Use Open Source OCR tools for integration into the web application
  4. Be responsible for big data analysis products, and cloud server development
  5. Design the logic algorithm of products, build models, develop Web Data Mining system
  6. Build network data exploration algorithm
  7. Optimize the crawler system to improve performance and stability
  8. Clean up the crawled data
  9. Query / statistics / analysis data


  1. BS/BA degree in Computer Science or related field, MS degree is prefered
  2. Familiar with Python
  3. Experienced in Django,Flask or Tornado,
  4. Experienced in AWS, Azure, GCP
  5. Experienced in MySQL and database performance tunning
  6. Experienced in Linux/Unix environments
  7. Familiar with Thread, Process, Data algorithm
  8. Familiar with HTML and Javascript
  9. Understand monitoring and alerting best practices
  10. Understand Continuous Deployment
  11. Understand Docker


  1. Experienced with Chef, Puppet, and/or other tools in production environments at scale preferred
  2. Experienced with analytical packages is a plus
  3. Data mining and machine learning algorithm experience is a big plus
  4. Familiar with Web Data Crawler (using Python is preferred) and Data Analytics

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