Bookmarks Sync on Firefox & Chrome

Recently, I found my bookmark is too many to find out what I really want, and what's worse, that many bookmarks are distributed in different browsers.
Then, I find wonderful tool to solve all problems. Here to share guys.


First and the best I found. It could directly add it as extension in chrome or firefox.

  • Tree Manage
    It's the most import reason I choose it. Because my bookmarks are classified into many different folders. There are some websites in three or four-depth folder. It could synchronize intactly, but some tools would flatten all bookmarks to one folder.
  • Easily edit on Everhelper
    Compare to the other, it could delete many bookmarks in a time.

%% The only little disadvantage that I thought is UI/ UX, because it really looks like ten-year-ago interface.


It's really beautiful and user-frindly, but above advantages in eversync it doesn't have.

Hope you like.