鐵人賽成就我們幫你整理了在 鐵人賽的貢獻


  1. East information Technologies Corporation / Front-End Manager (Scrum Master)
  • Be a scrum master and front-end manager of e-Commerce Project -
  • Leading Scrum introduction to our company with physical Scrum board only in three months.
  • Re-build the front-end architect in two months and complete the push notification system.
  • Recruit and supervise around five team members to their next career level.
  • Pioneer and first reviews for front-end requirements and UI/UX/Product Spec with PO/Art team.
  1. Financial Data Technologies, Ltd. (FDT) / Program Manager (Scrum Master)
  • Be a scrum master of our APP project - Wealth Management.
  • Responsible for communicating with our partners in HK and China.
  • Holding daily scrum meeting / Arrange sprint task via JIRA / Clarify product SPEC to RD/QA
  • Completed the product only in six months.
  1. D-LINK Corporation / Project Manager, Business Cloud Development
  • License Server of Business Cloud– a restful API that can easily manage customer’s license key to do authorization, authentication, and accounting on AWS.
  • Co-work with our RDs in Beijing, India and USA.
  • Design DNA(a chrome light tool to manager the switch and AP) from concept to launch.


Technical Skills: ReactJS, NodeJS, Javascript, Python(Django), PHP, MySQL, C/C++, C#,Linux, Android
Management Skills: PMP, Scrum, Agile



現任東森得易購科技中心的前端部門經理。曾經在各大公司先後擔任過介面工程師、系統工程師、系統分析師、專案經理、產品經理、Scrum Master、前端主管等歷練。目前專注於帶領團隊與前端技術的開發、創新、與導入。對於多媒體融合、跨領域職能協同合作有相當豐富的經驗,自許為團隊的心靈導師,為年輕的工程師注入希望並指引方向。