Software Engineer 2017 - present
Taiwan, Asia| Repon International Co., Ltd.
As the factory is an of a community consists of many groups with distinctive core values, during the periods of system development and implementation, as the project leader, I worked to take in and consolidate user inputs and turning differences into synergy before presenting to supervisor for eventual approval.

 Project lead in facility equipment M&R reporting App project, in charge of demand planning, cross-department communication, database design, programming, user testing, successful implementation, and all subsequent maintenance for the past two years.
 Establishing a weekly Advanced Planning and Scheduling System, and web-cloud system to coordinate the capacities amongst the two Taiwan plants and the Suzhou(China) plant while generating production report from order to shipment, as well as production progress status, and supply chain status, with an improved performance of 13 seconds per inquiry, 91.8% faster than prior system performance.
 To convert the previous system to VM for storage in an enterprise cloud server with weekly backup to GCP.
 Any successful system implementation is dependent on not merely system stability but complemented by a well-thought-out management structure.

Software Engineer 2016 - 2016
Taiwan, Asia | National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
● Established an upload platform for college course information, as commissioned by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, totaling upload of course information from 162 universities.
● Learned RWD while designed webpages for PC, tablet PC, and mobile phones in one webpage program.
● Understood the importance of communication and trust in a team collaboration environment.
● Improve the response speed of the database index by five times.
● Currently, the overall system has been online for the last five years.

E-Commerce Business Founder
2011 - 2015
Taiwan, Asia | Eyelashes Co., Ltd.
● Founded the family business of e-Commerce platform in rising 300% revenue in two years in Taiwan Market.
● Achievements are the followings:

  1. Hands-on approach in product marketing
  2. Maintain low-level inventory consistently at 5%.
  3. Streamlined account-receivable maintenance
  4. Clear market insight
  5. Establish an enterprise operating system and data maintenance
  6. Study SEO
    ● Areas to be improved upon:
  7. Reliance on the portal e-Commerce platform which resulted in the limited marketing and operation freedom
  8. Ineffective financial management of the e-Commerce business.
    ● Improvements Made:
    Spent the subsequent four years researching internet marketing, website management, financial management, and SEO.

Software Engineer 2010 - 2010
Taiwan, Asia | AdvancedTEK International Corp.
● Joined two development teams, and experienced how to work with different team-work settings and leadership styles.
● Learned to integrate various systems such as, C#, and Web service, while assisting colleagues in solving SAP data transfer issues.
● Learned to communicate my recommendation to supervisors for his/her decision-making.
● Learned to make inquiries to resolve many technical issues in a first-time cross-department and cross-system integration project.


C#, Expert.
ASP.NET, Expert.
Python, Mid-Level.
C++, Mid-Level.
Java, Mid-Level.
Microsoft SQL Server, Expert.
VMware, Mid-Level.
Linux, Mid-Level.
Windows Server, Expert.
Bootstrap, Expert.
jQuery, Expert.
Google Cloud Platform(GCP) , Mid-Level.
Web Services, Expert.
MySQL , Mid-Level.
Amazon Web Services(AWS) , Mid-Level.
Android, Mid-Level.
JavaScript, Expert.
SQL Server Management Studio, Expert.
HTML5, Expert.
CSS, Expert .


我在大學時間,因熱愛資訊技術,參加教育部比賽榮獲全國第一名。大學畢業之後,經歷遊樂園資訊、 中保集團資訊部、前進國際IT顧問、雲端多平台網路拍賣、全國大學資料收集與分析、工廠自動化軟體工程師, 多領域的資訊行業經驗,使我能換位思考,不止能在專業上有突出的表現,更能與其他部門溝通、協調,與同仁相處人和至上。

資訊行業日行千里。數年來的經驗,在這行唯有持續學習新事物,新觀念,才能永久保持競爭力。 我近年學習Python (用來學習人工智慧AI)、Google雲端服務(Google cloud platform)用來架設自己英文版的網站, 目前己完成中文版網站 。用來分享新資訊與專業知識。 學習新知識然後教學給所有人,因為我熱愛學習與分享。


我是十年資訊相關經驗,含三年工廠自動化(Factory Automation Systems)經驗。 目前在南俊國際股份有限公司(製造業)任職軟體工程師,其職務內容,涵蓋工廠內部所有「生產資訊系統」的整合與開發, 其中有14個系統由我統籌負責。如果把工廠比喻像是一個人,那資訊系統就是連結人類大腦與身體的神經流, 傳送重要的指令訊息給人的手(製造單位)、腳(設備單位),並把生產資訊回傳至大腦(資料庫)。 當有資料之後,經過處理後產生的報表,就可以提供高階主管做決策。