Now available the of Spotify Premium APK for all Android

Although YouTube Music hit the global market a few days ago, no streaming music service competes with Spotify. This service has millions of users around the world and for a few days, it has had a Lite version of its application. It has the same function as other applications such as Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite: save data and storage for the user. We already told you that it is a lightweight application that everyone can store on their mobile and today we leave you with the of Spotify Premium APK so that you can install this application on your smartphone without having 100 MB free.

Although the Spotify application is not too heavy, many users cannot install it or need to delete other applications necessary for their day-to-day. Spotify Lite partially solves this problem, although it comes with a fairly wide restriction of functions. Although Spotify Lite has settings and many things in the normal version, it is an application to listen to music without waiting too long.

You can now download Spotify Lite with the available APK

Although Spotify has already announced the launch of Spotify Lite, on many devices and regions it is not yet available. In our case, no device has allowed us to download the application from Google Play, although we did view it. The people of Android Police have left us this morning with the APK on the APK Mirror server, one of the safest to download APKs. This means that you can now download and test Spotify Lite on your Android device.

If you are used to using Spotify you will notice very important changes. The interface does not change much, something that we cannot say about the functions of both applications. Spotify Lite cuts into almost all sections, making it impossible to download music to listen to it offline or choose the highest quality of reproduction.

These are details that can be understood since someone who downloads Spotify Lite wants to save storage and downloading hundreds of songs on their mobile will not do them much good. Even so, there are other basic options that you do not get even with a premium account of the service. We are talking about choosing a specific song or putting all the tracks you want in a playlist.

If you have a premium Spotify account, the Lite version of the application is not recommended at all, although things change if you take advantage of a free account. You will have very similar functions and you can save data and space on your mobile. You can download it in a totally safe way from the link that we leave you below.