cisco 3750, stack, rps 異常問題


前幾天下班後突然 Switch 2 面板 interface LED 燈全部熄滅,只亮 syst 跟 rps,

Telnet 進去後看到 Switch 2 消失,

但我沒有 rps 備援設備,Switch 2 上面所接的所有 Server 連線都異常,後來我請 同仁 將switch 1 - 4 重新電源拔掉再逐一插回後就恢復正常了


  1. 如電源線鬆脫的時候 已做 Stack 的設備 只亮 只亮 syst 跟 rps 是正常的嗎? 還是會直接熄滅了?

  2. 我自己感覺是 這台 switch 2 的 電源模組出問題 或 電源鬆脫

  3. 這四台 Switch 都沒有設定 Pri 所以想請教他們的 Master 是如何選拔出來的呢?

  4. Switch "1" - "4" 的編號 又是如何選拔出來的呢?

Sorry, 問題有點多, 請問前輩看法

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iT邦新手 4 級 ‧ 2014-11-12 10:02:30
  1. 可以參考一下 LED 的解釋
    Color System Status
    Off: System is not powered on.
    Green: System is operating normally.
    Amber: System is receiving power but is not functioning properly.

Color RPS Status
Off: RPS is off or not properly connected.
Green: RPS is connected and ready to provide back-up power, if require
Flashing green: RPS is connected but is unavailable because it is providing power to another device (redundancy has been allocated to a neighboring device).
Amber: The RPS is in standby mode or in a fault condition. Press the Standby/Active button on the RPS, and the LED should turn green. If it does not, the RPS fan could have failed. Contact Cisco Systems.
Flashing amber: The internal power supply in a switch has failed, and the RPS is providing power to the switch (redundancy has been allocated to this device).

  1. 有可能, 如果每次都是第二台出狀況, 那第二台嫌疑很大

  2. 選 master 有五個順序如下
    (1).The switch that is currently the stack master
    (2).The switch with the highest stack member priority value
    (3).The switch that uses the non-default interface-level configuration
    (4).The switch with the higher Hardware/Software priority.
    (5).The switch with the longest system up-time
    (6).The switch with the lowest MAC address

我覺得沒有特別設定下, 如果是一台一台開機,最先開機那一台就是 master, 如果是一起開機, 那就是比lowest MAC address

  1. member 的號碼是當加入 stack 時, 選擇目前 stack 當中"lowest available
    number in the stack"。