2017 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽
Modern Web

Learning ASP.NET core + Angular2 系列

An introduction and practice with ASP.NET core (MVC/Web api/Entity framework) and Angular2 with tips, tutorials.

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DAY 21

[Angular2] ng2-Fullpage : Repeat data

(Picture from Introduction ng2-fullp...

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DAY 22

[ASP.NET Core] View Components

Introduction In ASP.NET Core, Html.Action has been replace by View Components....

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DAY 23

[ASP.NET Core] Configuration

Introduction We will learn the following ways to use Configuration in ASP.NET C...

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DAY 24

[.NET Core] Unit Test with

Introduction One of the MOST IMPORTANT parts on the way to happy coding: Unit T...

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DAY 25

[.NET Core] Unit Test with MSTest

Introduction So how to choose our unit test framework? Take a look at this disc...

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DAY 26

[Angular2] Redux with ngrx/store - Intro

Introduction ngrx/store is a state management container and powers Redux for A...

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DAY 27

[Angular2] Redux with ngrx/store – Shopping cart sample (1)

Introduction I will use ngrx/store to implement a shopping cart example from m...

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DAY 28

[Angular2] Redux with ngrx/store – Shopping cart sample (2)

Introduction In the previous practice, we had successfully created an Angular2...

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DAY 29

[ASP.NET Core X Angular2] Server side rendering for SEO

Introduction We take great advantage of better UX and performance in SPA (Sing...

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DAY 30

[Angular2] Deploy to Github-pages

Introduction Github Pages is a quick and popular website hosting service for t...

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