2021 iThome 鐵人賽

DAY 13
AI & Data

Azure AI Journey系列 第 13

Day 13 Section Summary

Computer vision - Process images is key to creating software that can emulate human visual perception

To use the Computer Vision service:
Computer Vision - Don't intend to use any other cognitive services
Want to track utilization and costs for Computer Vision resource separately
Cognitive Services - Plan to use multiple services and want to simplify administration and development

Some potential uses - Product identification, disaster investigation, medical diagnosis and Anomaly detection

Classification machine learning models - Use a set of inputs(features) to calculate probability score for each possible class and predict a label(the most likely class)

Most modern image classification solutions - Make use of convolutional neural networks(CNNs)

Day 12 Classify images with the Custom Vision service
Day 14 Detect objects in images with the Custom Vision service
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