有哪些技術網站, 有在討論 shellshock 相關漏洞的測試與修補方法呢?

各位好公司用了一堆 Linux Server
例如 CVE-2014-6271 公布後, 就發現一個洞補一個洞
想請問是否有網站在討論 Linux 相關漏洞的修補方法呢?

ufgeorge iT邦研究生 1 級 ‧ 2014-11-07 16:14:43 檢舉

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iT邦研究生 3 級 ‧ 2014-11-08 03:12:11

The most common attack vectors are:
•httpd (Your Web server): CGI [Common-Gateway Interface] scripts are likely affected by this issue: when a CGI script is run by the web server, it uses environment variables to pass data to the script. These environment variables can be controlled by the attacker. If the CGI script calls Bash, the script could execute arbitrary code as the httpd user. mod_php, mod_perl, and mod_python do not use environment variables and we believe they are not affected.
•Secure Shell (SSH): It is not uncommon to restrict remote commands that a user can run via SSH, such as rsync or git. In these instances, this issue can be used to execute any command, not just the restricted command.
•dhclient: The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client (dhclient) is used to automatically obtain network configuration information via DHCP. This client uses various environment variables and runs Bash to configure the network interface. Connecting to a malicious DHCP server could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on the client machine.
•CUPS (Linux, Unix and Mac OS X's print server): It is believed that CUPS is affected by this issue. Various user-supplied values are stored in environment variables when cups filters are executed.
•sudo: Commands run via sudo are not affected by this issue. Sudo specifically looks for environment variables that are also functions. It could still be possible for the running command to set an environment variable that could cause a Bash child process to execute arbitrary code.
•Firefox: We do not believe Firefox can be forced to set an environment variable in a manner that would allow Bash to run arbitrary commands. It is still advisable to upgrade Bash as it is common to install various plug-ins and extensions that could allow this behavior.
•Postfix: The Postfix [mail] server will replace various characters with a ?. While the Postfix server does call Bash in a variety of ways, we do not believe an arbitrary environment variable can be set by the server. It is however possible that a filter could set environment variables.