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DAY 10

Experience of a backend novice系列 第 10

覺得每次都要git add 以及 git commit 太麻煩了嗎? 請服用 git commit -am

Day ten
覺得每次都要git add 以及 git commit 太麻煩了嗎? 請服用 git commit -am

Do you think it’s extremely troublesome to use git add every time before we want to make a commit? Let’s try git commit -am

Hello everyone. It’s Ray!

Today I am going to share how to simplify git add and git commit, let’s welcome git commit -am
今天要跟大家分享,git commit -am

As shared previously, every time before making a commit, we need to use git add to update the progress to be committed, and then leave the specific message for this commit before completing this commit.
如之前的文章跟大家分享的,每次在commit 之前,我們需要使用git add來明確要commit 的進度,然後commit的同時我們需要留下屬於該commit的訊息。

Some think it’s a good design, after all, it’s best to err on the side of caution. However, some don’t, thinking that it’s a bit troublesome.

No matter which one you are belong to. today I’m going to share with you how to combine and turn them into one move.

Firstly, let’s add a new code in example1.html file as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>First example</title>
<p>This is the first example</p>
<p>We add a new paragraph on the first example</p>
<p>This is the example commit for git commit -am</p>

enter git status
現在輸入 git status

As image below, the example1.html has been modified, and it requires git add to update what will be committed before a commit.
如下圖,example1.html已經被修改了,必且如果要commit,我們需要先git add來明確要commit的進度。

According to articles that I posted previously, we need to git add, and then git commit, and finally leave the specific message before a completed commit.
依照之前的文章分享,我們需要先git add,然後git commit,並留下屬於此次commit的訊息來完成這次的commit。

Now let’s try something simpler.

Enter Git commit -am "example for git commit -am"
輸入git commit -am "example for git commit -am"

Enter git status to check the condition.
輸入git status 確認狀況

enter git log
輸入Git log

As image below, we’ve successfully committed.

Here I’m going to further explain how git add works.
這邊要跟大家更進一步解釋一下git add的功能。

When we create a new file, we need to add this file into the list of tracked files, and to do so, we use git add
當我們今天新增一個新的檔案時,我們需要將該檔案加入“追蹤”的檔案清單中,我們使用git add 來達到這個功能。

When one of the tracked file is modified, and we would like to make a commit, we would need to update what will be committed, and we also use git add to do so.
當“已經入追蹤”的檔案有更改,且我們要做commit時,我們需要更新該檔案將被commit記錄下來的進度!簡單來說,就是訂出將被commit的資料範圍,而這時我們也是使用git add來更新這個進度。

That said, git commit -am would not work on a newly added file which hasn’t been added into tracked file list.
所以說啦,如果今天我們新增一個檔案,且該檔案從未被加入“追蹤”清單中,那這個時候git commit -am 是不會對這個檔案起作用的!

Caution! -a here means automatic, which would automatically add ALL those modified file from tracked file list.
有一點請大家注意,-a 在這裡代表automatic,它會自動的更新”所有已經加入追蹤清單且有更改”的檔案!

After reading through this article, are you more familiar with Git?

See you guys!

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