2021 iThome 鐵人賽

DAY 10
Arm Platforms

Embedded Systems with Arm系列 第 10

Day 10 Summary 2

Introduction to embedded system

  • Role of embedded systems in IoT and the context of ubiquitous computing
  • Challenges of incorporating embedded devices into IoT systems

Benefits and Constraints of Embedded Systems

  • Important trade-offs of embedded systems(such as cost and performance)
  • Characteristics of Arm architecture and processors as core embedded systems components for the IoT

Mbed Simulator

  • Mbed platform and its importance in rapid embedded systems design
  • Functions and benefits of Mbed software development resources and HDK

GPIO peripherals

  • Key elements of GPIO design in relation to microcontrollers 
  • Use DigitalIn/DigitalOut and BusIn/BusOut interfaces

Interrupts for controlling peripherals

  • Types of microcontroller interrupts
  • Procedures of exception processing
  • Implement ISR to handle control of peripherals

Day 09 Summary
Day 11 Implement audio wave generator
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