2021 iThome 鐵人賽

DAY 13
Arm Platforms

Embedded Systems with Arm系列 第 13

Day 13 Section Summary

Implement audio wave generator using the Mbed API

  • Theory of analog signal to digital signal conversion

  • Common type of digital-to-analog converter(DAC)

  • Common types of analog-to-digital converters(ADCs) and their advantages and disadvantages

  • Properties of analog-to-digital conversion including range, resolution, quantization and sampling

  • Demonstrate use of Mbed API functionality to capture and generate analog signals

  • Implement a working microcontroller program

  • Function of timer and compare functionality of hardware and software timer

  • Components of standard timer

  • Features and operation of an Mbed timer and ticker

  • Demonstrate the use of Mbed API functions when implementing PWM, timers and time ticker interrupts

  • Design audio player that will play pre-saved melody

  • Adapt provided skeleton code to create a basic music player

Day 12 Develop audio player
Day 14 Introducing Serial Communication
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