My Project Experience-June 16, 2020

Project Experience

Weekly Scheduling APS(Advanced Planning & Scheduling System)

  • Elevated system performance in data inquiry by 91.8%, i.e., from 2 minutes and 39 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Team member: 1
  • Role: Project lead, planning (system analysis), database design, and front-end user interface design.

Equipment M&R Reporting Android App

  • Cross-department communication, planning, implementation, and testing.Design and maintenance of API, database architecture design, and back-end operation.
  • Team member: 2
  • Performance: Shortening the time taken for report generation from 1.5 minutes to 8 seconds.

ERP(Enterprise resource planning)

  • Newly added database index to increase operating performance by 82%.
  • Cross-system integration in consolidating the data import and export between 13 major and minor systems and ERP.

Human-Machine Interface: HMI

  • Integration with enterprise internal communication systems such as team+ (pc, Android, iOS), to inform production supervisors of the number of the units completed by the production line.
  • Cross-system integration with ERP.
  • Elevate system performance by coordinating online testing with the equipment team, production team, information management team, and suppliers to diagnose issues and coordinate implementation measures.
  • Role: Assistance in cross-system integration to solve performance and procedure with nine other colleagues from each relevant department.

Automatic Warehousing

  • Cross-system integration with ERP
  • Integration with the manufacturing step of “Steel roll”, for re-design, implementation, and data management.
  • Automatic warehousing data report to reporting platform for decision-making by senior management.

Supply-chain Platform

  • Cross-system integration with weekly scheduling system APS.
  • The main system objective: Inventory minimization, production management simplification, on-time vendor delivery.

Barcode scan and production report input program

  • Website for PC data input, by using a barcode scanner to integrate with the user interface.
  • Performance: The time taken to complete input is shortened from 18 seconds to 3 seconds.

**In-Factory Communication Software System (Team+) **

  • From newly added function of “Device Maintenance APP” to transfer images to team+.
  • The notification messaging is facilitated from team+ API to personal mobile devices.

Electronic Approval System (Flowmaster)

  • Add the approval function of “Repair Application Form” in “Device M&R Request APP”, in shortening approval time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds.

Fixed Asset Check App

  • Minimize inquiry paperwork for asset management by shortening inquiry time from 45 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Newly added fixed assets in the existing storage location in shortening the time taken by the on-site personnel to locate equipment.

Electrolysis Outsourcing App

  • Outsourcing of manufacturing process with a large volume of semi-finished materials from vendor plant to company plant.
  • Minimizing operating time, shortened from 1 minute to 6 seconds.

Education Programs by the Ministry of Education

  • Responsive web design for mobile phone, tablet-PC, and PC versions, as well as responsible for database design.

** HR System, Primax Electronics**

  • Establish German SAP and Microsoft SQL Server databases with data transfer in-between.