WooCommerce 正式收購 MailPoet 電郵行銷工具

如何看待 WooCommerce 收購 MailPoet?

MailPoet 算是電郵名單收集和網上行銷的後起之秀,但有於這領域競爭激列,例如像免費額度提供 2,000 個名單的 MailChimp,對於自動化行銷(Automation)這領域,又有 ActiveCampaign 這類強大工具。
MailPoet 的定位比較浮動,但 WooCommerce 大廠願意收購,必定有很多過人之處,各位社團成員或使用者,有什麼看法呢?

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WooCommerce 新聞稿
Better Email Marketing: WooCommerce Welcomes MailPoet
We’re excited to announce that MailPoet is joining the WooCommerce family to help deliver a powerful, fully-integrated email marketing experience for all stores.
“MailPoet aims to be the single answer to all email problems — right inside the WordPress dashboard — from transactional emails to newsletters, abandoned cart emails, and more,” says MailPoet founder Kim Gjerstad. “We’re thrilled to join WooCommerce today to pursue this vision into the future.”
What is MailPoet?
A popular email marketing plugin for WordPress (used by over 300,000 sites), MailPoet enables merchants to grow their audience and inspire loyalty by delivering valuable content to customers at every stage of the buying journey.
Features such as a built-in email customizer, time-saving automation, analytics, and the ability to follow up on abandoned carts or make recommendations based on order history make it a real marketing MVP for busy store owners.
A natural fit
The WooCommerce and MailPoet teams share the same goal — to help all of our customers find success online. And while the initial focus of our work together is on WooCommerce users, we aim to evolve our collaboration in a way that can benefit the entire WordPress community.
If you’re an existing MailPoet customer, there won’t be any immediate changes. You’ll still be able to continue to use it the way you always have and benefit from new improvements as the platform grows.
A continued focus on merchant success
Having MailPoet in our corner helps accelerate our roadmap toward a fully-integrated commerce experience. Over the past year, our focus on empowering WooCommerce store owners to grow their business has brought about some exciting developments:
We’ve made it simpler to track store performance thanks to WooCommerce Admin, a modern JavaScript-driven interface optimized for speed. Its customizability allows merchants to highlight, filter, and report on the metrics that matter most to them.
A host of Product Blocks give you the flexibility to display products on posts and pages, powerfully combining content with commerce. This includes a new block-based Cart and Checkout experience that puts even more control in the hands of merchants.
A new, centralized Marketing Hub from which store owners will be able to launch, manage, and measure their marketing activities. Think coupon management, automations, campaigns, customer segmentation, marketing-focused analytics, and reporting – we’re just getting started!
Here’s to the future of email marketing
We couldn’t be happier to have the MailPoet team on board, and we can’t wait to get started. The future of email marketing for WooCommerce stores is bright – we hope you’ll join us as the adventure continues.
Have questions? Check out the MailPoet FAQ page.
Ready to boost your marketing efforts and make email happen with MailPoet? Visit to get started.
MailPoet的創始人Kim Gjerstad說:“ MailPoet旨在成為所有電子郵件問題的唯一答案-在WordPress儀表板內部-從事務性電子郵件到新聞通訊,廢棄的購物車電子郵件等等。” “我們很高興今天加入WooCommerce,將這一願景推向未來。”
借助WooCommerce Admin,我們可以簡化商店的跟踪效果,WooCommerce Admin是為速度而優化的現代JavaScript驅動界面。它的可定制性使商家可以突出顯示,過濾並報告對他們最重要的指標。
我們很高興擁有MailPoet團隊,我們迫不及待想要開始。 WooCommerce商店的電子郵件營銷的未來是光明的-我們希望您能隨著冒險的繼續加入我們。

MailPoet 新聞稿
Nine years ago, 4 guys set out to prove that sending newsletters from inside WordPress could be a delightful experience. Since then, hundreds of thousands of sites have used MailPoet to get their message across to their audience. It’s been a thrilling ride for our truly talented team of 11 to have such an impact for businesses, organizations, and bloggers.
A new chapter with WooCommerce
A year ago at WordCamp US, I exchanged words with Paul Maiorana, CEO of WooCommerce, on partnership ideas. As our conversation progressed in the following months, we came to realize that we shared a common vision for stores; with store owners being able to access email right in their dashboard.
Fast forward to today: the MailPoet team is joining WooCommerce – one of the fastest-growing businesses at Automattic! I couldn’t be more delighted with this outcome for our users, the MailPoet team, and MailPoet itself.
The WooCommerce team has a clear vision, a talented team, and the means to achieve great things.
What happens with MailPoet now?
WooCommerce stores can look forward to improved features to reach their customers in the near future. This is a natural continuation of WooCommerce functionality we added to MailPoet 3 years ago. Nearly a quarter of our users run WooCommerce stores already.
For regular WordPress website owners, rest assured, MailPoet will remain available on the plugin repository.
We’ve prepared a Q&A for our users. You should also read the new Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, which will govern your use of MailPoet starting today.
Thank you!
We didn’t get here alone. I’d like to personally thank our many free users, our devoted customers, our past colleagues, our current team that is one-of-a-kind, and the numerous people who helped shape what is MailPoet today.
We’re looking forward to the next chapter.

一年前,我在美國WordCamp上與WooCommerce首席執行官Paul Maiorana交換了關於合作夥伴關係的想法。在接下來的幾個月中,隨著對話的進行,我們逐漸意識到我們對商店有著共同的願景。商店所有者可以直接在其信息中心訪問電子郵件。

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